Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How I feel about wedding planning a week into being engaged

I've been engaged in almost a week now and already this stage of life has been more stressful than my last semester of college, than trying to find a job, and than trying to curl the eyelashes of a friend on her wedding day. About that last one, have you ever tried to curl someone else's lashes? It's HARD. I'd suggest you try it but I don't want to put the delicate eyelids of some poor unsuspecting souls at risk so just learn from my mistakes and don't ever do it.
Being able to look at my ring any time I want to has helped calm me down, but it's also proved to be dangerous when I'm driving and the sun hits it at any angle and I'm blinded and forget to pay attention to the road. Thank god for small towns and a 6 minute commute to work.
I was going to instagram this picture but decided it won't be worthy of The Instagram until there's the basic blogging white background, a couple of bridal magazines, and maybe a mug of coffee or a gold glittery pen in the picture also. Now that I'm engaged I like, really care about aesthetics.
The most common question I've gotten when telling people the news is: "Do you have a date yet?"
And the answer is both yes and no. I have a date in mind that I really want (I'd say we both want it but let's be real...) but the venue I wanted isn't available that weekend and nobody seems to think I'm being serious when I say, "But couldn't they just squeeze us in for like, 2 hours on that Saturday? I'm low maintenance, I'm sure we can be done by then." Apparently a wedding is an all-day affair (unless you elope like the Hagans and Jen.)
The day after the proposal I created a wedding e-mail addres, signed up for The Knot and Wedding Wire, entered in the wedding date, and was shocked and appalled to see the website tell me, "You currently have thirty-nine tasks overdue." But I literally got engaged 18 hours again how exactly was I supposed to complete 39 tasks in 18 hours while I was busy staring at my ring and telling people my news? And then I took a nap.
Two days after the engagement my aunt called me and proceeded to rapid fire these questions at me:
Where are you going on the honeymoon? Uhhhh IDK somewhere that isn't a beach.
Will you wear a veil? Yes.
What will the veil look like? a veil, probably.
What's your budget? .....
What shoes will you wear? ...sandals?
Which caterer will you choose? important is a caterer, actually?
What about the flowers? Cheap ones.
Did you decide on a DJ yet? Yes and his name is iPod.

So naturally after these two instances the most appropriate course of action was for my brothers and sister-in-law to come visit me and for the four of us to eat waffles that would have made Leslie Knope pass out from the ecstasy.
If you come visit I'll take you to this place. It's a waffle with ice cream inside and hot fudge, whipped cream, marshmallow topping, and crack graham cracker dust on top. #sheddingforthewedding

And then I started looking up venues and caterers and photographers and dresses and I started thinking that maybe having this wedding for under $2k isn't going to happen. But - and you should all be proud of this - instead of curling up in a ball in the corner chugging wine from the bottle, I decided to just call it quits on the planning and focus on taking pictures of the ring at any and all possible moments. when I was eating muddy buddies and decided they would make a great backdrop for a super blurry photo.

...and when I was sitting on the couch showing my phone Lindsay how excited I actually am and also how beautiful of an engagement ring model I am.

...and when my FIANCE (blogger just automatically capitalized that word idk how it happened) and I went to Target and I got sidetracked by all the pretty bridal magazines and decided to buy the only one that didn't cost $12.

I feel like when I sat down to write this post I had a point, but there's a really good chance that my only plan was to post lots of ring pictures because apparently this is what my life has become and you know what? I don't hate it.
I do hate how anything for a wedding is automatically 5 times more expensive than it would be normally. Like, oh you want to rent these tablecloths? $2.49 please. OH it's for a WEDDING? Please give me your right arm and first born child.
So basically, for the TL;DR version: wedding planning is hard and expensive and all I want to do is eat ice cream waffles and take pictures of my ring.


  1. Oh girl, I feel the pain. My husband and I made a pact to just be in the just engaged budget for a week, where we just looked at things and not at prices. Because the sticker shock sucks. Best advice, figure out what the two of you want, what your must haves are and then go from there. Everyone will have an opinion and unless they are helping pay for the big day [my parents did so they had some say] don't let em derail what you want to do.

    I need that waffle ice cream deliciousness.

    Oops, squirrel. Anyway, enjoy being engaged and the amazing bubble that is the first few weeks. It's the best time of your life, until wedding week. Wishing you the best.


    As much as I am impatiently waiting to get engaged, I am automatically filled with a sense of dread when I even consider wedding planning. I just want to show up, look pretty, get married, and leave. :P

  3. Oh my gosh, those overdue tasks. I did the exact same thing you did. Logged in the day after getting engaged, am somehow behind on everything.

    I seriously tried to talk my fiance in to doing a very small brunch wedding with just our immediate family and closest friends (so like, 12 people) but NOPE. HE wants a wedding.

    But also, seriously, why are bridal magazines so expensive? They are like 90% ads! They should be almost free.

  4. I need those waffles in my life!!! Love all the pics of the ring-enjoy it and live it up! Such fun :-)


    I hated wedding planning and my only piece of advice to you is UNSUBSCRIBE UP FROM THE KNOT. They still send me condescending emails to this day reminding me how little I've accomplished in my one year of marriage. KTHANKSKNOTBYE.

  6. Omg. That overdue task list...I literally stopped checking my email because of it.

  7. Next blate is for those waffles!

    You actually seem pretty calm about the wedding nonsense... You will be fine and if you aren't, my door is always open with margaritas waiting.

  8. You are going to be the best person to watch wedding plan.


  10. yeah wedding stuff is stresssssful but it's kind of fun too so focus on the fun and the waffles :)

  11. BRB getting on a plane right now to come eat one of those waffles! Best wedding planning advice (if you're wanting to do it cheap and fast like me) is to remember three key things: in the heat of the moment you will try to please everyone BUT YOU CAN'T. Only the people who are paying for the wedding get a say, and even then their say isn't MORE IMPORTANT than your say (remember that). Lastly, don't sweat the small stuff. Hand on the bible, usually it's something no one will notice unless you tell them.

  12. Watch this video - it's fantastic! I've watched it a million times and I still laugh. Wedding planning is so stressful but so much fun! My advice is to ignore the timeline on the knot. I'm getting married in like 8 weeks and I have over 100 tasks that I'm behind on. #nobigdeal

  13. I've heard that you can get lower prices if you don't mention it's for a wedding.... But idk, some people might get mad at you for that.

  14. Uhhh... since I am *also* engaged and planning a wedding, I feel like I'm supposed to get one of those waffles. Where's my waffle, Juliette? Where?!

  15. Well dear I agree that planning for a wedding is stressful task but if we make a list and then plan as per the listed things then it is not difficult. I am going to attend wedding at Chicago Wedding Venues and I am sure the wedding will be well managed.

  16. Oh yes, I don't miss finding a venue. They are overpriced that is for sure. Congratulations on your engagement! It will be fun once you get the venue and the date set in stone. Those bridal magazines are way too pricey! I just used pinterest and the knot!

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