Monday, July 24, 2017

A Bachelorette Party When You're Kinda Old

So you guys, my sister is getting married on Saturday. Her wedding is THIS weekend! How is my baby sister old enough to get married? Wasn't I just at the costume party for her 9th birthday party like, a week ago? Ugh. Whatever. What do you think? Does the girl on your left look old enough to be planning a wedding?
Ange has some amazing [almost] sister-in-law who had a HUGE hand in planning this bachelorette weekend. One of the sister, Nikki, orchestrated these before and after pictures of everybody! Keith looked at these pictures and said, "Wow, in the after your hair looks crazy." He's not wrong.
We went to the Santa Barbara pier and had some drinks (and complementary popcorn - YUM!), and I forced everyone to take group and individual pictures. This was the first thing that made me feel old, but you know what? If I hadn't forced this, we wouldn't have these pictures! SO GO ME. BEING OLD. I AM AN EXCELLENT OLD PERSON TO HAVE AT A BACHELORETTE PARTY.

My sister-in-law Amy and I took a selfie in the backseat. She is one of the most amazing women I have ever known. She's the mother of the niece we lost last October.
I also forced us to take a picture of all the "Tiffin" girls in front of some really pretty flowers and um, YOU'RE WELCOME.
We rode in a limo and stopped at a winery in Summerland, CA, and my sister Angentte told her proposal story. Her fiance (Joey)'s sisters were there, Jenny and Nikki. I snapped a picture of them listening to Ange's story of how Joey proposed to her and this is one of my favorite pictures I've ever taken.
Later, when we were at the pier and I was forcing everybody to take a group picture, a guy in a windbreaker jumped in the front and the guy who had my phone didn't want to take the picture, but I thought it was hilarious, so I just shouted 'TAKE THE PICTURE!' like, dude, this is 2017, I don't have to worry about how many films I'm developing. TAKE THE FUNNY PICTURE. MAYBE IT WILL END UP AS A MEME. WHO KNOWS.
Well, it did not end up as a meme and then we got a regular picture
Later, everybody got ready to go downtown and go to some clubs. Now, I haven't been to a club since before I got married so I decided to wear a very tastefully long sleeved flowy top from Express that definitely left everything to the imagination.
We had also stopped to have brunch at this fantastic restaurant that was obviously not fantastic enough for me to write down the name. Anyway, they made me double fist really cheap mimosas.
Later that night we played a game that had something to do with puckering and a pecker and there was brightly colored lipstick involved. I'll let you guess what that game was. I did not win. Here is a picture of the girls with their lipstick.

THEN, to cap the night off, we went to a club! You guys! I know I am old, but nothing has made me feel as old as I did when we went to the club! My older sister and I were sitting in the corner trying to be invisible but we were hit on by a guy in a fleece lined vest and we were NOT invisible and here is a picture of us with the bride in the background.
You know you're old when you only go to a club so you can take a selfie of the eyeliner a 22 year old did on you for fun.
We had a fishbowl of tasty alcohol that did NOT get drunk by us because it tasted like a sour patch kid but like, not in a good way. So, Joey's pregnant sister danced and pretended like she was drinking but don't worry, she wasn't! and it ended up being a really fun night!
...despite all the times my older sister and I complained about the music, or the crowds, or the lines, or the middle schoolers who were posing as 21-year olds, etc etc.
But the bottom line is that we were able to celebrate Angenette, whose wedding is THIS SATURDAY. And she had a wonderful bachelorette weekend, and her new sisters-in-law Jenny and Nikki did an amazing job planning it. And now I know for sure that I'm too old for clubbing.
BRB gotta go take care of my bunions.


  1. I can't even remember the last time I stepped foot in a club... I know I would feel SO old if I went to one now haha. I'd be hanging out with you and Kathrene for sure.

    I love that you made everyone take group pictures.

    Also, how do you still look SO PRETTY in your after picture?

  2. This all looks superfun and amazing and I can't even imagine my baby sister getting married even though she's totally old enough to, but for the love of everything holy WHAT DID YOU WEAR TO THE FANCY MAGIC SHOW?! LOL!